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Mon-Sat 09.30 -5.30pm
Sun 11-4pm

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First Feet weekly and monthly Activities - telephone or email directly to activity or therapy  of your choice to book


Owner of First Feet, BA (Hons) VTCT & IIHHT Advanced reflexologist.


Owner Jacqui takes the benefits of healing one step further by incorporating meditation, visualization and spiritual guidance as part of the treatments. In setting up First Feet she recognized that 75% of all illness is stress related, so joined together with other holistic therapists to offer well-being programmes, to aid health and reduce day to day stress.

The ancient therapy of reflexology offers a holistic approach to optimum well being, stimulating the body’s healing processes and bringing homeostasis to a tired mind, body and spirit. This therapy balances the body organs, unblocks toxicity and negative energy relieving stress both physically and mentally.

Jacqui also offers Hopi Ear candles that cleanse the ears, bringing inner peace, clearer hearing and uplifting the spirit. She also offers Bach Flower Remedies to bring balance back to your emotions. Jacqui also offers Spiritual Guidance, Healing and Mapping the Self to clear your mind, improve intuition, clarity and assist with moving forward with any life changes you wish to make!


Reflexology (Feet, hands or facial)                                      £50.00

Hopi Ear Candle                                                                     £35.00

Spiritual guidance and healing                                             £30.00

Mapping the self                                                                     £50.00

Bach Flower remedies                                                           £30.00

Inside Out  (Mini Manicure & Mini reflexology)                        £25.00

Taster session Reflexology                                                   £25.00


Contact | Tel: 07931665888



 Wellbeing coach Holistic Massage Therapist

Advanced No Hands ® practitioner


Ray is a Member of the professional No Hands ® massage Association and advanced practitioner, working to the highest clinical standards. Rays gentle but powerful treatments aim to help you awaken and activate your own natural healing systems, resulting in the return of a sense of calm to your mind and body, allowing your own innate wellbeing to come through.


Wellbeing is the inbuilt default setting within all of us; having a quiet mind and being in a calm state is paramount to getting back in touch with this. One way to do this is by experiencing the slow nurturing and flowing touch of a NO HANDS® treatments. By using mainly the soft surfaces of my forearms combined with controlled use of my body weight and movement, treatments are both deeper and more relaxing than conventional Massage.

Understanding how our human experience is derived is the key to living a healthier, more relaxed and rewarding life. Problems will no longer seem so great, your life will become easier, less stressful and you will feel more balanced, grounded and resilient. Ray’s treatments will include a conversation pointing you in this direction


30 Mins No Hands ® treatment - £30.00

60 Mins No Hands ® treatment - £60.00

75 Mins No Hands ® / Hot Stones Fusion - £65.00


Contact   |  07932155110 |




 Reflexologist & Homeopath

BSc, SDS Hom, VTCT Diploma in Reflexology


Reflexologist and Homeopath Tara, uses these gentle holistic therapies to heal physical and emotional health.

 Homeopathy stimulates the body’s healing process and brings homeostasis to the tired mind, body and spirit, balancing the body’s organs, unlocking toxicity and negative energy. For those with busy stressful lives this is considered one of the most unobtrusive and immediately effective ways to relieve stress both physically and mentally.

 The ancient therapy of Reflexology offers a holistic approach to optimum wellbeing.

Tara is able to combine the two therapies in your treatment time on request.

Reflexology Taster 20 Mins -                £25.00

Reflexology 45 Mins -                            £40.00

Homeopathy up to 1 Hour -                   £50.00`


Combined treatments are available

 Discounts available for children, students and worthy workers


Contact |  07932005419




 Yoga Instructor


Julia qualified as a yoga therapist in 2006 and as a Thai massage therapist in 2007. She has spent many years refining her understanding of the body, through continuing professional development and through her own practice. She is interested in the links between the ancient medical practices in India, Thailand and is currently studying Chinese energy theory.


Yoga with Julia - Wednesday 6.30-7.45pm

 This class is suitable for all ages and abilities and will be tailored to your physical needs. Julia is a qualified Shivananda yoga therapist, who draws on a deep understanding of postural alignment. She enables students to explore their potential in a safe and supported space. 

£6.50 per session


                                                                     Contact  |   07731786073



Desire map facilitator & Life coach


Tori, over the last 12 years has been a confidence builder, motivator and career coach to hundreds of women, seeing them secure new jobs and create new businesses – all with a renewed clarity of purpose and faith in their ability.

After becoming a mother, Tori felt parts of her ‘pre-child identity’ slip away. With the help of the ‘The Desire Map’ she identified new focus and inspiration in both her life and career. She was compelled to set up a business to help other women create a life they love! 

In life, decision making can be hard and finding ways to turn your plans into action can be overwhelming.

‘The Desire Map’ workshops are designed to help you define what you really DESIRE and build the motivation you need to take ACTION.

You will discover ways to bring more joy into all 5 areas of life: Livelihood + Lifestyle, Body + Wellness, Creativity + Learning, Relationships + Society and Essence + Spirituality.

The workshops build clarity and positivity by empowering you to identify and generate more of what you want in life.


£10.00 Taster Sessions Wednesdays 11.00 – 12:00

For more information you can visit Tori’s Website


Contact | Tel: 07540472098   | Email:




Nail technician – You got Nail!


Nail technician Stella at You Got Nail! Has had a life long love of nails & nail design. Trained in Nail Technology, she offers manicures with a difference! Stella uses products that are free from the ‘Toxic Trio’ - DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde, as well as being Eco friendly, environmentally sustainable, ethical & vegan.

 As well as classic manicures, Stella has a passion for nail art and you can often hear her referring to her ‘ten mini canvases’.Stella loves to gives her clients the instant uplift that well groomed nails can give, the healthy, happy way! You Got Nail! Will also be working with Jacqui, for a new treatment ‘Inside out’ – A mini reflexology & manicure session to leave you feeling good on the inside and great on the outside!


Mini Manicure (File, Light buff, Paint)                                     £10.00

Classic Manicure (File, Cuticles, buff & paint)                        £15.00

French Manicure (Classic manicure with French paint)          £17.00

                                    Luxury Spa Manicure (Cuticle soak, nourishing mask with

optional exfoliation, Warming mitts, hand massage, File, Buff,

Paint)                                                                                        £25.00

Mens Manicure (File, Buff, Cuticles)                                       £15.00

Inside Out  (Mini Manicure & Mini reflexology)                        £25.00

Nail Art                                                                         £1.00 per nail


Contact | Tel: 07846022089 | Email: