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Reflexology offers an holistic approach to your optimum well-being; this ancient therapy has been practiced throughout the ages by many civilisations. The treatment stimulates the body's healing processes and brings homeostasis to the tired mind body and spirit. This therapy balances the body organs and unblocks toxicity and negative energy, relieving stress both physically and mentally. For those with busy stressful lives this is considered to be one of the most unobtrusive and immediately effective treatments available to manage your stress.

Reflexology alleviates symptoms of anxiety, depression, asthma, constipation, IBS, menopause, sciatica, sinus and stress relief. By incorporating sports massage it can be extremely effective with skeletal and muscular problems.

First Feet is designed to introduce people to the benefit of blending alternative therapies and remedies enabling wellbeing.

First Feet offers Holistic education programmes for both therapists and customers. Jacqui is now taking the benefits of healing one step further by incorporating meditation, visualisation and spiritual guidance as part of the treatments. One-to-one sessions in spiritual guidance and talk sessions using flower remedies are also available.